Week Commencing 16102017

Started the week with some enforced rest due to work travel.  While enforced many of us don’t get enough rest so it can be beneficial to take some extra rest days to recover!

Tried a couple of pre breakfast workouts as well – these went better than expected. Fasted workouts are definitely worth a try.  While I’m still not a fan of early morning workouts, these definitely set you up for the day, and mean you’ve got your training in regardless of what the day throws at you!

Smashed a great partner WOD on Saturday as well – training together is definitely more fun!

Monday 16th

Rest day; work travel

Tuesday 17th

Rest day; work travel

Wednesday 18th

Globo gym bro sesh

Pause Front Squat



ME strict pull ups*2

18, 12

3*5 strict chin ups (focus on control and pulling elbows right back)

4*8 cable lat pull throughs

1*@28, 3*8@35

4*8 triceps push down

1*8@28, 3*8@31

Thursday 19th

24 min emom

  1. 12 wall balls
  2. 15 American swings @24
  3. 12 burpees

100 sit ups for time


Rope climb practice.

Friday 20th

Fasted pre breakfast;

7 mins slow airdyne to warm up

Then – 400 cals for time – 10:35

3 mins warm down

6*5 tempo press ups;

Narrow / normal / wide hands *2

Saturday 21st

3k row – steady pace ~1:58/500

4*5 tempo squats – slows down, pause, faster up



4*8 bench press




Partner workout (1 work, one rest. Split reps as you like)

200 double unders

100 American KB swings @24/16

80 slam balls @12

60 box jumps @24″

40 dumbbell snatches @24/10

30 dumbbell shoulder to overhead @2*24/16

40m front rack carry (each)

20m wheelbarrow (each)

Sunday 22nd

Quick pre-breakfast weights session!




4*10@100 – focus on form, double overhand grip, unbroken sets

Shoulder accessories;

1 set = 7 each of Side, front and rear lateral raises

4 sets

Superset abs and biceps;

10 strict TTB

10 dumbbell curls@2*16

20 windscreen wipers

10 dumbbell curls@2*16



Week Commencing 09102017

Ended the week with an epic 3 hours or so learning about movement and flow with the guys from ‘LIFT The Movement’.  Highly recommend spending some time with these guys, you’ll definitely learn and improve how you move!

Nice amount of variety again, including some deliberate, slow sled pushes with the aim of maximum time under tension.  These were spicy!


Monday 9th

20 mins Airdyne – 709 cals! New record for 20 mins (just)


Tuesday 10th


60 Cal row

100 Double Unders

800m run with 20kg plate

100 double unders

800m run



Tabata russian twists with wall ball


6 sets Strict pull ups;

8, 10, 10, 8, 10, 10


Wednesday 11th

Clusters each set of 5,3,1 has no rest other than changing weights.

2 mins rest between each 5,3,1

  1. 5@45, 3@50, 1@55
  2. 5@50, 3@55, 1@60
  3. 5@60, 3@70, failed 1@80.


15 min AMRAP;

15 TTB

12 reverse KB lunges w/24kg KB in front rack

9 KB clean & jerk @24kg KB


Thursday 12th

Back squat


3*5@105 – as per last week, focus on quality of movement and reasonable speed standing up


2 rounds;

400m Run

30 Thrusters @30



Friday 13th

Rest day – walked about 5 miles


Saturday 14th

Sled pushes – 2 lengths – you go / I go format

Focus on slow pushing with large steps – maximum range of leg movement, and increased time under tension.  This is very different from the normal push as fast as you can sled work!

Worked up over 10 sets from 60kg to 120kg on the sled.

While resting perform ~8 yards beast crawl and accumulate 5*5 single leg deadlifts each leg @40kg


4*5 single arm KB press from bottom of lunge @24kg KB

Do 5 reps each side without coming out of the lunge.  Repeat with opposite leg forwards *2


Battle ropes;

30 seconds on / 30 seconds rest *8

Alternate each set between alternating arms and both arms at once.  Be aggressive!


Sunday 15th

3 hour seminar with LIFT the Movement covering some animal flow, mobility, strict muscle ups, hand stands.

Epic afternoon of learning!

Week Commencing 02102017

Three rest days this week – listen to your bodies guys, rest is as important as training!  Hit it pretty hard on the training days though and had a decent mix of longer cardio(ish) workouts and weights / accessory workouts.

Monday 2nd

Rest day


Tuesday 3rd

25 minute AMRAP

All with 20kg plate

Run 800m carrying plate

75 lunges w/plate in front rack


25 burpees to a plate

2 rounds + 400m run


100 ab mat sit ups for time



100 unbroken Dus

Wednesday 4th

Some mobility and rolling


Thursday 5th

OHS 3 reps@ 40,50,55,60,65,65


3 rounds;

600m run

12 deadlifts

9 hang power cleans


12 deadlifts

9 hang power cleans





Friday 6th

Squat 6*5@100

Focus on speed and minimal pause at the top – tendency to pause and have a few breaths between squats as weight increases.  Every rep, just take breath in at top and immediately next rep.


Bicep curls – barbell




Cable shoulder accessories – front / side / rear delts

3*7@7.5 (3*7 – each movement, each side)


Cable overhead triceps extension 3*8@24.5

Saturday 7th

500m row to warm up  – ended up going pretty quick (for me) – 1:37


10 strict straight leg TTB

20 windscreen wipers



Back raises 4*8@26kg dumbbell – focus on speed and glute activation

Dumbell bench press 3*10 @30kg dumbbells

Free standing alternate arm dumbbell row 3*10 (each arm) @30kg


100 Synchronised Down-Ups

80 DB G2OH (22.5/15) (40 each)

60 Synchronised Air Squats

40 Box Jumps (20 each)

20 synchro sit ups

60-80 yards 2KB front rack carry – 2*24(guy) 2*12(girl)

Sunday 8th

Rest day – walked about 8 miles.

Week Commencing 25092017

Slightly bitty week, had some days that were much slower / lighter than I’d hoped. Lesson learnt – give yourself a couple of days off post competition to recuperate.  Last Saturday involved 4 workouts in one day.  Due to not feeling too battered I had a couple of light days, but no full rest days.  Probably should have taken some rest and a bit more recuperation lie a magnesium bath and some massage / Compex.

I’ll likely give a Compex machine a try at some point as a lot of people rave about these for recovery.

Ended the week pretty strong though with some decent sled work, deficit deadlifts and spicy front rack lunges.

Have a great week guys, remember rest is as important as training!

Monday 25th

Some new variations on shoulder press that also work core and mobility;

Single arm KB shoulder press from lunge – great for working the core!

4*8 reps each arm (alternate legs every 2 sets) @16kg KB

Single arm KB shoulder press from bottom of squat – great for core and mobility!

2*5 reps each arm


15 mins steady airdyne – 5 mins just legs, 10 mins legs and arms – very steady just to move.


Tuesday 26th

5*5 OHS@60



OHS @43

Ring dips


Slow than last time I did this one – feeling pretty battered.  It’s good to remember that not everyday can be a PB!


Wednesday 27th

2k row – 7:24


Cable machine

all the 3*10s!

Bicep curls – 23kg

Triceps extension – 26kg

Lat pull throughs – 26 kg


3*10 back extensions *20kg plate – focus on speed / explosive movement it’s all in the glutes and hammies!


Thursday 28th

3*20 pistols


Steady 5km run – 23:00


5*10 straight leg TTB


Friday 29th

Clean and Jerk practice


5*70 – focus on speed and getting under the bar.


‘Randy’ – 75 power snatches for time @35kg


May have been 80 reps – lost count @55 and couldn’t remember if it was 50 or 55 so went with the lower.


Saturday 30th

Deficit Deadlifts

6*5@120kg  about 2″ deficit


Sled pushes

2*15 yard push (minimum rest between each 15 yards) @ (on the sled)

40 – 60 – 70 – 80 – 90 – 100 – 110 – 120 – 130 – 140 – 150

4 lengths fast, no rest @40


Sunday 1st

Front rack lunges – 20 reps – 10 step forwards / 10 step backwards






Bench press




Barbell row (palms facing towards body)