Week Commencing 05062017

I thought I hadn’t done much this week, but reviewing it, it’s been a pretty decent amount of training.  After Saturday’s lateral step ups and sled pushes, followed by squats on Sunday, my legs certainly know I have trained.  have not done muscle snatches for quite a while either!

Monday 5th

Clean pulls 5*3@90


Clean and Jerk




Front squat 5*3







Tuesday 6th

Run 1 mile

Rest 3 mins

Run 1200

Rest 2.5 mins

Run 800

Rest 2 mins

Run 400

Rest 1 min

100 burpees to a target



Arnold shoulder press alternate arms  Faster pressing vs. last couple of weeks more tempo press speeds.




1 arm Dumbbell row



Wednesday 7th

Active Recovery day – cycling and DIY


Thursday 8th

Push Press 4*10@60



Dumbbell snatch @30

Ring press ups (rings 6″ from ground)



Muscle Snatch




Friday 9th

12-15 miles chilled cycling


Saturday 10th

Lateral step ups

6*6 (each leg) with 24kg Dumbbell in each hand


Seated good mornings

5*7 @50kg


Partner sled push – 2 lengths – one works, one rests – repeat 15 minutes

65kg on sled – focus on speed.


Bear walks to cool down.


Sunday 11th

Squat 5*8@90 – working on getting the ‘bounce’ out of the bottom of the squat

Bench press 5*8@70


5 min EMOM – 10 hollow rocks

5 min EMOM – 10 superman rocks


25 power cleans @70


For time;

50 russian swings @32

50 slam balls @12kg

50 burpees

50 lunges w/32kg KB in front rack



L-sit pull up practice.

Week Commencing 29052017

Took a couple of rest days this week but still managed to incorporate a decent amount of volume.  Working on always incorporating ‘functional bodybuilding’ and accessory work into every weeks programming.  My aim is to work on being fit and relatively strong to help prevent injuries, rather than just focusing on ‘pure’ CrossFit.

Monday 29th

Rest day – family fun!

Tuesday 30th

In weighted vest – Run 1 mile.  Rest 6 minutes. run 1 mile




5*3 pause squat @100


5*6 barbell row – palms facing forward, relatively wide grip, horizontal back.

All at 70kg

Aim here was rowing movement with externally rotated shoulders as we do so much work with the shoulders internally rotated.


Light (30kg) snatch and high hang snatch tekkers – focus on speed.


Wednesday 31st

Alternate arm Arnold press.

1*6@20kg dumbbells

4*6@22kg  dumbells


Bench press 5*4@80


Barbell bucep curls





‘death by sled’

Sled push 2 lengths.  Go every 2 mins.  Increase weight each set

20-40-60-80-100-120-140-160-180kg on the sled


Who puts a sled upstairs?? Nearly fell down them after this!


Thursday 1st

Overhead Squat








20 mins Handstand practice


3 Rounds For Time

25 Russian Swings @32

25 weighted sit ups @15

25 back raises

25 knees to elbows



Friday 2nd

~12 miles chilled cycling


Saturday 3rd

Weighted step ups – barbell on shoulders.

5*10 @ 55kg


Dumbbell deadlifts – relatively narrow stance, good to work on mobility as you get a lot lower than when using a barbell with Olympic weights on.

5*8 @ 2 40kg dumbbells


Dumbell flys

Flat bench – 3*8@16kg dumbells

Incline bench – 3*8@16kg dumbells


Weighted lateral jumps

15 mins of 5 jumps over triangles (about 10 inches high) one way, then 5 the other way.  Holding 9kg med ball.

Some sets holing at body, some out in front, some overhead.

Fun, slightly gassy and good to practice some dynamic lateral movements 🙂


Sunday 4th

Rest Day


Week Commencing 22052017

Realised I had been monumentally slack and not updated this for a couple of weeks!

Reviewing this week it was another pretty solid and varied one with some lifting, functional strength work and of course cardio 🙂

Monday 22nd

Rest day post weekend comp.

Mostly spent on a train..


Tuesday 23rd

Cycled about 10 miles

Snatch practice – trying out feet in a much more narrow starting position







Fail 75


Slow tempo shoulder press 2*20kg dumbbells

3*7 – alternate arms each rep, non working arm hold dumbbell at shoulder height


Rotate 10kg plate, straight arms

4*10 rotations – 5 one way, 5 the other


Wednesday 24th

Clean tekkers – super narrow starting position







Snatch grip deadlift, super narrow feet



Front rack lunge





Alternate Dumbbell curls – 3*8@20 each hand

Dumbbell overhead triceps extensions 3*10@16 each hand


5 rounds;

20 KB swings @28kg

20 burpees



Thursday 25th

Work to 1 rep max pull up

Got to 1@32kg kettlebell

Then 5*3 @ 50% (16kg) of

Pull ups (palms facing away)

Chin ups (palms facing towards  you)


Karen – 150 wall balls for time (20lb ball, 10ft target)



Friday 26th







Clean and Jerk






Front Squat




4 rounds for time

21 cals assault bike

18 wall balls @20lb

15 American Swings @24kg

12 burpees



Saturday 27th

Accessory / strength day


Single leg RDL 5*5 @55


Pendlay rows (tempo) 5*5 @55


Back raises

1*8@20kg dumbbell





Hanging leg raises 3*8@5kg between feet

Windscreen wipers 2@20 reps


Weighted step ups

5*5 each leg 24″ step 30kg dumbell in front rack


Sunday 28th

T.U.P Hero WOD

15-12-9-6-3 reps of;

Power clean @60

Pull ups

Front Squat @60 (clean from floor)

Pull Ups



Week Commencing 15052017

Unusual week as we had a 2 day team competition in the lake district Saturday / Sunday.  This was great fun, called ‘District L’, I can highly recommend it if they run it again in the future!  Definitely made a change to lift atlas stones and race paddle boards etc.  Constantly varied and fun training! 🙂

Monday 15th

Scale the heights workout 3

220 KB swings for time.

6 wall balls every time you stop swinging.

Completed unbroken


Tuesday 16th

5*10 back squat @90kg

3 rounds for time

10 power clean

10 front squat

10 push jerk

50 DUs



Wednesday 17th

Rest day

Thursday 18th

Travel to Lake district.

Friday 19th

Active recovery type day

Longish walk in the hills and mobility

Saturday 20th

District L team comp day 1

6 person team comp workouts 1-4 today

Workout 1

0-4 mins – Team farmer carry remaining time – synchro pull ups

4-8 mins – Team farmer carry remaining time – synchro toes to bar

8-12 mins – Team farmer carry remaining time – rope climbs

Workout 2

For time with weighted ‘sausage’

50 squats

10 synchro burpees

40 Deadlifts

10 synchro burpees

30 shoulder to overhead

10 synchro burpees

20 thrusters

10 synchro burpees

Workout 3

0-6 minutes – Atlas stone to shoulder – 1RM

6-12 minutes – syncro stone to shoulder reps*weight

Workout 4

Trail run ~3 miles

Sunday 21st

District L team comp day 2

6 person team comp workouts 5-7 today

Workout 5

2 person paddleboard sprints

Workout 6


1 length sled drag

5 sled deadlifts

1 length sled drag

6 bar overs

Workout 7


10 tyre flips

20 burpees box tyre jumps

30 tyre shoulder to overhead

Week Commencing 08052017

Another nicely varied week!  Hit 15 snatches @65, most volume I have done at that weight, and had an epic strongman session on Friday with ‘atlas stone’ (heavy slam ball) work, farmers carries and yoke walks.

Picking up and moving with heavy stuff is so good for you – try it out, pretty much everything will benefit!

Monday 8th

Rest day


Tuesday 9th

1. 12-9-6-3

Lateral bar over burpees

110kg deadlifts

45kg hang cleans


2. 3 rounds;

20 dumbbell snatches @25kg

20 GHD sit ups

3. 4*10

GHD Reverse hyper

GHD back raises with 10kg plate

4. 8*3 strict C2B pull ups


Wednesday 10th

Strength / conditioning;

5*6 bench press



Barbell row 5*4-4-4 (4 pendlay rows, 4 ‘normal rows, palms facing backwards, 4 rows palms facing forwards – all 3 movements as one set)




5*10 weighted jumping lunges (barbell on shoulders)




5*5 front squat@80


12 minutes steady on cross trainer thing

Was planning on Annie as that is programmed at the box, but after the GHD yesterday my abs said no!


Thursday 11th

Warm up

Snatch practice







Accumulate >200m overhead walk with 2*24kg kettlebells


2*800m run – casual pace


Friday 12th

Strongman (person 😉 ) fun!


Heavy slam ball atlas stones.  Use 2 box jump boxes as the plinth

Slam ball 8-10 feet from boxes – pick up and put on boxes..

5*40 kg – 48″

5*50kg – 48″

5*60kg – 48″

10*60kg – 54″


Farmers walk 8*2 lengths of the gym ~80 feet with 2*45kg dumbbells


Yoke walk

2*2 lengths of the gym @100kg

2*2 lengths of the gym @120kg

3*2 lengths of the gym @140kg

1*3 lengths of the gym @150kg  (double bodyweight)


Saturday 13th

Complex of – Squat clean + hang squat clean

Lift every 30 seconds for 15 minutes @60kg


5 rounds for time

10 wall balls @25lb

10 pull ups

10 dips

10 American swings @28kg

10 box jumps @24″



Sunday 14th


Dumbbell bench press@34kg

Dumbbell row @34kg


5*7 alternate dumbbell shoulder press @22kg – tempo


Weighted step ups 5*5 each leg @34kg dumbell in front rack.  5*5 up and down one leg before moving to the other leg.  Focus on balance and tight core.


7@ 60 yard sled push – 50kg on sled.  Speed speed speed….

Week Commencing 01052017

Hey Guys and Gals!

Another fun week with plenty of variety.  We had some overhead squats mid week which is something I have not hit for a while, so will remember to include them more often!

Snuck in a bit of swimming as well – something I’m definitely not great at! – as they say work on your weaknesses 🙂

Had a reminder on Saturday that you sometimes have to listen to your body, was quite a long week in and out of the gym and I had to really back off on the squat weight / volume I had planned to hit.  Yes follow your programme, but also always listen to your body!


Monday 1st

5 *7 single arm dumbell press

  • While holding a 24kg kettlebell in front rack with other are.

1@20kg dumbell

4@22kf dumbell


4*7 thumbs down reverse flies @12kg dumbells

4*10 Deadlift @110

20 mins steady watt bike


Tuesday 2nd

10 min AMRAP

8 thrusters @20kg

8 box jumps @24″

14 rounds + 3 box jumps


Max effort unbroken TTB – 33


7 minutes burpees..



Strong man – heavy slam ball lifts;

10 reps 60kg slam ball over alternate shoulders

20 reps 60kg slam ball lift to shoulder height and drop


Wednesday 3rd

5*5 Overhead Squat





Shoulder to overhead @60

Chest to bar pull ups


All shoulder to overhead unbroken

Still need to work on chest to bar!


Some handstand walk practice


Thursday 4th

Rest day


Friday 5th

Airdyne intervals;

3*5 minutes @83-85rpm

3*2 minutes @90-92rpm

2 minutes rest between each interval


Saturday 6th

This has been a pretty long week – Today was an example of having to listen to my body!  Plan was back squat 5*2@117.5kg

Actual did not work out.  But rather than push through with bad form I backed off and got on with the rest of the workout.

Back squat







Front rack lunges @55kg

4*8 stepping forwards

4*8 stepping backwards


100 80kg tyre flips for time

3 burpee EMOM



Swim – 20 lengths


Sunday 7th

Dumbbell bench press

Single arm dumbbell row

4*10 of each@34kg dumbbells


4*10 Single arm Arnold press @ 18kg dumbbell while holding 24kg kettlebell in front rack @18


3 rounds;

20 lateral box jump overs @18″ box

30 yards walking lunge

20 * 15kg slam balls

Week Commencing 24042017

Happy Monday everyone!  Been a great gym and family bank holiday here in the UK 🙂

Another pretty varied week, did something pretty much everyday, but with a couple of super low volume days to recover.  Legs were pretty tired after last Saturdays squats, leading to a zero leg bench and row day on Wednesday.

Hope you all have an excellent week, remember any questions just ask!

Monday 24th

20 mins airdyne – steady pace – 633 cals

5*5 tempo single arm KB press @16kg

3 seconds up, 3 seconds down

Focus on really pressing the shoulder out at the top


Tuesday 25th

Snatch up to 70kg

15 sntaches @60kg


Max effort strict pull ups – 21


3mins for 10 Rounds (2 x each station)

  1. A) Run 600m
  2. B) Row 500m
  3. C) 50 KB Swings 32kg – unbroken both rounds
  4. D) Ski 500m
  5. E) Assault Bike for 30 Cals


Wednesday 26th

Very easy, low volume day.  Zero legs as still ache from the weekend!

Bench press


Barbell row



Thursday 27th

Back Squat


Single leg RDL

5*8 each leg@20kg dumbell

Focus on range on motion


8 minute AMRAP

10 med ball cleans


20 jumping lunges

20 press ups

Just over 5 rounds


Friday 28th

All accessory Friday with a fast and furious sweaty finisher 🙂

Back raises

5*8@24kg dumbbell

Weighted Leg raises

4*10@4kg  dumbbell between feet

Cable twists – 6*10 each side

2 – high to low

2 – horizontal

2 – low to high

Leg extensions and Leg curls

Both – 4*8

Shoulder accessories

Front / side / rear delt raises

3*7 for each


3 rounds for time;

20 dumbbell snatches @24kg

40 mountain climbers



Saturday 29th

300 DU warm up

Mobility – ankle , hip and lats

Clean + jerk tekkers

20 C+J @ 70kg – focus on speed round the bar

Front Squat


5 second pause front squat


Accumulate 25 reps strict chest to bar pull ups


Sunday 30th

Active recovery day.  Gym session spent coaching Hills 🙂

10 minute steady row