Week Commencing 02102017

Three rest days this week – listen to your bodies guys, rest is as important as training!  Hit it pretty hard on the training days though and had a decent mix of longer cardio(ish) workouts and weights / accessory workouts.

Monday 2nd

Rest day


Tuesday 3rd

25 minute AMRAP

All with 20kg plate

Run 800m carrying plate

75 lunges w/plate in front rack


25 burpees to a plate

2 rounds + 400m run


100 ab mat sit ups for time



100 unbroken Dus

Wednesday 4th

Some mobility and rolling


Thursday 5th

OHS 3 reps@ 40,50,55,60,65,65


3 rounds;

600m run

12 deadlifts

9 hang power cleans


12 deadlifts

9 hang power cleans





Friday 6th

Squat 6*5@100

Focus on speed and minimal pause at the top – tendency to pause and have a few breaths between squats as weight increases.  Every rep, just take breath in at top and immediately next rep.


Bicep curls – barbell




Cable shoulder accessories – front / side / rear delts

3*7@7.5 (3*7 – each movement, each side)


Cable overhead triceps extension 3*8@24.5

Saturday 7th

500m row to warm up  – ended up going pretty quick (for me) – 1:37


10 strict straight leg TTB

20 windscreen wipers



Back raises 4*8@26kg dumbbell – focus on speed and glute activation

Dumbell bench press 3*10 @30kg dumbbells

Free standing alternate arm dumbbell row 3*10 (each arm) @30kg


100 Synchronised Down-Ups

80 DB G2OH (22.5/15) (40 each)

60 Synchronised Air Squats

40 Box Jumps (20 each)

20 synchro sit ups

60-80 yards 2KB front rack carry – 2*24(guy) 2*12(girl)

Sunday 8th

Rest day – walked about 8 miles.


Week Commencing 25092017

Slightly bitty week, had some days that were much slower / lighter than I’d hoped. Lesson learnt – give yourself a couple of days off post competition to recuperate.  Last Saturday involved 4 workouts in one day.  Due to not feeling too battered I had a couple of light days, but no full rest days.  Probably should have taken some rest and a bit more recuperation lie a magnesium bath and some massage / Compex.

I’ll likely give a Compex machine a try at some point as a lot of people rave about these for recovery.

Ended the week pretty strong though with some decent sled work, deficit deadlifts and spicy front rack lunges.

Have a great week guys, remember rest is as important as training!

Monday 25th

Some new variations on shoulder press that also work core and mobility;

Single arm KB shoulder press from lunge – great for working the core!

4*8 reps each arm (alternate legs every 2 sets) @16kg KB

Single arm KB shoulder press from bottom of squat – great for core and mobility!

2*5 reps each arm


15 mins steady airdyne – 5 mins just legs, 10 mins legs and arms – very steady just to move.


Tuesday 26th

5*5 OHS@60



OHS @43

Ring dips


Slow than last time I did this one – feeling pretty battered.  It’s good to remember that not everyday can be a PB!


Wednesday 27th

2k row – 7:24


Cable machine

all the 3*10s!

Bicep curls – 23kg

Triceps extension – 26kg

Lat pull throughs – 26 kg


3*10 back extensions *20kg plate – focus on speed / explosive movement it’s all in the glutes and hammies!


Thursday 28th

3*20 pistols


Steady 5km run – 23:00


5*10 straight leg TTB


Friday 29th

Clean and Jerk practice


5*70 – focus on speed and getting under the bar.


‘Randy’ – 75 power snatches for time @35kg


May have been 80 reps – lost count @55 and couldn’t remember if it was 50 or 55 so went with the lower.


Saturday 30th

Deficit Deadlifts

6*5@120kg  about 2″ deficit


Sled pushes

2*15 yard push (minimum rest between each 15 yards) @ (on the sled)

40 – 60 – 70 – 80 – 90 – 100 – 110 – 120 – 130 – 140 – 150

4 lengths fast, no rest @40


Sunday 1st

Front rack lunges – 20 reps – 10 step forwards / 10 step backwards






Bench press




Barbell row (palms facing towards body)






Week Commencing 18092017

Week back from a relaxing holiday!  Week ended with a 4 person team competition – The London Throwdown.  This is a really good friendly, fun and accessible comp, highly recommended, teams of 4; 2 guys, 2 girls.

Also took the team white water rafting as part of a team building day, great fun!  Everyone enjoyed it, and no one drowned even though we managed to capsize one of our boats!  Definitely recommend this for some fun and fitness.

Monday 18th

20 mins Airdyne – 700 cals!

Tuesday 19th


30 clean and Jerk @60kg

1 mile run

10 rope climbs

1 mile run

100 burpees


5 power snatch @60

10 TTB

  • Practice for Saturday workout

Wednesday 20th

Tempo squat – 3 seconds down, 1 second pause, 3 seconds up


Push press





Thursday 21st

White water rafting! – always try new things

Friday 22nd

Light clean and jerk practice

Saturday 23rd

London throwdown team comp!

4 people – 2 guys, 2 girls.

4 workouts!

1 Day!

  1. In 10 minutes, complete double ‘Isabell’ – 60 snatches @60/40

+AMRAP Row for cals and TTB

Score = total cals + total TTBWow

If don’t finish Isabell – score = 0

  1. Part A – 8 mins to find max clean and jerk

Rest 60 seconds

Part B – 35-25-15

M/F syncro deadlifts 90/65kg

M/F syncro burpees

6 mins cap

  1. 8 minute AMRAP

Wall balls

Max cal assault bike

Every 30 seconds – 3 burpees

  1. 25 HSPU

50 C2b (M) / pull ups (F)

75 American swings (24/16)

100 Cal assault bike

Wow – great day!

Sunday 24th

7*30 Russian swings@32 – old KB with very thick handle – grip tastic!


Week Commencing 17072017

Monday 17th

Rest day

Tuesday 18th

20 mins airdyne – 700 cals 🙂

Wednesday 19th

4*4 power snatch @55kg

5*3 snatch high pulls @65kg

(for both – can’t let go of the bar between reps in each set)


50 cal row

50 wall balls

50 burpees

50 sit ups


Thursday 20th

5*2 Split Jerk @85kg

10 min AMRAP

10 snatches @35kg (must be full, not power)

50 double unders

5rounds + 6 reps

Friday 21st

Rest / active recovery – walking and cycling

Saturday 22nd

All the fun and different workouts today at SweatLife

45 min psycle class

45 min ‘how to train the posterior chain class’ (turned out to basically be modern bums legs and tums, but some good ideas!)

45 min Flow / movement class – animla flow and handstand practice

45 min RowWOD class

Plus cycled about 8 miles to / from event

Sunday 23rd

Looong pause front squat (at least 5 seconds) 10*1





20 minute EMOM

13 yard sled pull + 13 yard sled push (dictated by the length of the rope)

Week Commencing 03072017

Another fun week! Had a couple of rest days due to new job and some travel, but hit some great workouts!

The weighted vest made a return for a double workout endurance session on Tuesday, and some cool ‘strongman’ pulling, pushing and dragging at the weekend.  Always mix things up and try new movements!

Monday 10th

Rest Day

Tuesday 11th

7 minutes max effort burpees to a target

  • 104

3 minutes rest

20 minute AMRAP

25 plate ground to overhead

20 overhead lunges with plate

15 plate sit ups

10 toes to bar

200m run with plate

All with 20kg plate

Both sections in weighted vest

Wednesday 12th

Rest day – some gentle cycling.

Thursday 13th

Front squat 5*6@80

Push press – work up to a heavy single


Failed 87.5, but should have got it with more commitment

Clean technique practice

15 cleans @60 – approx EMOM

Focus on bar path, speed and foot placement

Friday 14th


OHS @42.5



Kipping practice

5*1 OHS with 15 second pause at the bottom – just using the same 42.5kg bar from before

Saturday 15th


15 yard sled pull

15 yard sled push

One person does both lengths, then rests while other goes

8@120kg on sled

2@130kg on sled

Bear crawl heavy bag pulls –

Bag under you, crawl 2/3 steps, reach bag with one arm and explosively drag bag forwards as hard as you can.

Bear crawl 2/3 more steps, use other arm

Repeat until 10-13 yards travelled.

10 rounds

Started at 25kg, worked up to 51 kg for last 3 made up of a 25kg bag and a 26kg Bulgarian thing.

8*10 yard stepping double KB deadlift @2*24kg – 16 steps each round

Smallish step forwards, straight(ish) legs deadlift over front leg.


Some mobility work

Sunday 16th

5*5 backsquat EMOM2



1*5 5 second pause back squat @80

6 rounds;

10 american swings@24kg

10 box jumps@24″

10 weighted lunges holding KB in front rack @24kg

Core work – planks, hollow holds and superman holds

Week Commencing 19062017

Very interesting week, some unstable yoke carries and the excellent Carl Poali freestyle movement seminar – highly recommended!

Monday 19th

20 minutes Airdayne – 650 cals

Very sweaty!!

Tuesday 20th

5*3 backsquat @110

10*1 snatch @60 – aimed for 2 lifts per minute

Was planning some clean and jerk, but legs had nothing left!

5* 50 DU + 400m run

Go every 3 minutes

Wednesday 21st

Rest day

Thursday 22nd

25 minutes Assault bike

5*6 strict c2b chin ups (palms facing to you)

Friday 23rd

6*100ft+ overhead walk with 2*24kg kettlebells

Yoke carry – barbell with 2*16kg kettlebells hanging from it (using mobility bands)

Work up to heavy walk for ~20ft – 170kg plus bar and kbs = 202kg

20 minute AMRAP

400m run

Max effort pull ups

  • 114 pull ups

Should have run a little faster as got in with 1:46 left after the last run.

Saturday 24th

Carl Poali freestyle connection movement seminar.

Cycled about 12 miles total.

Sunday 25th

Superset weighted step ups + weighted lunges

5*5 step ups each leg with 2*24kg dumbells

5*12-14 lunges with barbell on shoulders @50kg

Alternate back raises and leg raises

3*10 leg raises

3*8 back raises with 30kg dumbell

Very Steady 5k row