Week Commencing 09102017

Ended the week with an epic 3 hours or so learning about movement and flow with the guys from ‘LIFT The Movement’.  Highly recommend spending some time with these guys, you’ll definitely learn and improve how you move!

Nice amount of variety again, including some deliberate, slow sled pushes with the aim of maximum time under tension.  These were spicy!


Monday 9th

20 mins Airdyne – 709 cals! New record for 20 mins (just)


Tuesday 10th


60 Cal row

100 Double Unders

800m run with 20kg plate

100 double unders

800m run



Tabata russian twists with wall ball


6 sets Strict pull ups;

8, 10, 10, 8, 10, 10


Wednesday 11th

Clusters each set of 5,3,1 has no rest other than changing weights.

2 mins rest between each 5,3,1

  1. 5@45, 3@50, 1@55
  2. 5@50, 3@55, 1@60
  3. 5@60, 3@70, failed 1@80.


15 min AMRAP;

15 TTB

12 reverse KB lunges w/24kg KB in front rack

9 KB clean & jerk @24kg KB


Thursday 12th

Back squat


3*5@105 – as per last week, focus on quality of movement and reasonable speed standing up


2 rounds;

400m Run

30 Thrusters @30



Friday 13th

Rest day – walked about 5 miles


Saturday 14th

Sled pushes – 2 lengths – you go / I go format

Focus on slow pushing with large steps – maximum range of leg movement, and increased time under tension.  This is very different from the normal push as fast as you can sled work!

Worked up over 10 sets from 60kg to 120kg on the sled.

While resting perform ~8 yards beast crawl and accumulate 5*5 single leg deadlifts each leg @40kg


4*5 single arm KB press from bottom of lunge @24kg KB

Do 5 reps each side without coming out of the lunge.  Repeat with opposite leg forwards *2


Battle ropes;

30 seconds on / 30 seconds rest *8

Alternate each set between alternating arms and both arms at once.  Be aggressive!


Sunday 15th

3 hour seminar with LIFT the Movement covering some animal flow, mobility, strict muscle ups, hand stands.

Epic afternoon of learning!


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