Week Commencing 10072017

Pretty low volume week, other than Saturday.  Went to the Lulu Lemon Sweatlife event.   Tried 4 completely new classes – psycle, posterior chain (basically a new take on bums legs and tums.. not what I expected but fun), RowWOD, and a flow / handstand class with LIFT the Movement.

The session with the LIFT guys was absolutely epic, these guys really know their sh*t.  I can’t recommend them enough!

Monday 17th

Rest day

Tuesday 18th

20 mins airdyne – 700 cals 🙂

Wednesday 19th

4*4 power snatch @55kg

5*3 snatch high pulls @65kg

(for both – can’t let go of the bar between reps in each set)


50 cal row

50 wall balls

50 burpees

50 sit ups


Thursday 20th

5*2 Split Jerk @85kg

10 min AMRAP

10 snatches @35kg (must be full, not power)

50 double unders

5rounds + 6 reps

Friday 21st

Rest / active recovery – walking and cycling

Saturday 22nd

All the fun and different workouts today at SweatLife

45 min psycle class

45 min ‘how to train the posterior chain class’ (turned out to basically be modern bums legs and tums, but some good ideas!)

45 min Flow / movement class – animal flow and handstand practice – LIFT the Movement

45 min RowWOD class

Plus cycled about 8 miles to / from event

Sunday 23rd

Looong pause front squat (at least 5 seconds) 10*1





20 minute EMOM

13 yard sled pull + 13 yard sled push (dictated by the length of the rope)


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