Week Commencing 03072017

Another fun week! Had a couple of rest days due to new job and some travel, but hit some great workouts!

The weighted vest made a return for a double workout endurance session on Tuesday, and some cool ‘strongman’ pulling, pushing and dragging at the weekend.  Always mix things up and try new movements!

Monday 10th

Rest Day

Tuesday 11th

7 minutes max effort burpees to a target

  • 104

3 minutes rest

20 minute AMRAP

25 plate ground to overhead

20 overhead lunges with plate

15 plate sit ups

10 toes to bar

200m run with plate

All with 20kg plate

Both sections in weighted vest

Wednesday 12th

Rest day – some gentle cycling.

Thursday 13th

Front squat 5*6@80

Push press – work up to a heavy single


Failed 87.5, but should have got it with more commitment

Clean technique practice

15 cleans @60 – approx EMOM

Focus on bar path, speed and foot placement

Friday 14th


OHS @42.5



Kipping practice

5*1 OHS with 15 second pause at the bottom – just using the same 42.5kg bar from before

Saturday 15th


15 yard sled pull

15 yard sled push

One person does both lengths, then rests while other goes

8@120kg on sled

2@130kg on sled

Bear crawl heavy bag pulls –

Bag under you, crawl 2/3 steps, reach bag with one arm and explosively drag bag forwards as hard as you can.

Bear crawl 2/3 more steps, use other arm

Repeat until 10-13 yards travelled.

10 rounds

Started at 25kg, worked up to 51 kg for last 3 made up of a 25kg bag and a 26kg Bulgarian thing.

8*10 yard stepping double KB deadlift @2*24kg – 16 steps each round

Smallish step forwards, straight(ish) legs deadlift over front leg.


Some mobility work

Sunday 16th

5*5 backsquat EMOM2



1*5 5 second pause back squat @80

6 rounds;

10 american swings@24kg

10 box jumps@24″

10 weighted lunges holding KB in front rack @24kg

Core work – planks, hollow holds and superman holds


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