Week Commencing 19062017

Very interesting week, some unstable yoke carries and the excellent Carl Poali freestyle movement seminar – highly recommended!

Monday 19th

20 minutes Airdayne – 650 cals

Very sweaty!!

Tuesday 20th

5*3 backsquat @110

10*1 snatch @60 – aimed for 2 lifts per minute

Was planning some clean and jerk, but legs had nothing left!

5* 50 DU + 400m run

Go every 3 minutes

Wednesday 21st

Rest day

Thursday 22nd

25 minutes Assault bike

5*6 strict c2b chin ups (palms facing to you)

Friday 23rd

6*100ft+ overhead walk with 2*24kg kettlebells

Yoke carry – barbell with 2*16kg kettlebells hanging from it (using mobility bands)

Work up to heavy walk for ~20ft – 170kg plus bar and kbs = 202kg

20 minute AMRAP

400m run

Max effort pull ups

  • 114 pull ups

Should have run a little faster as got in with 1:46 left after the last run.

Saturday 24th

Carl Poali freestyle connection movement seminar.

Cycled about 12 miles total.

Sunday 25th

Superset weighted step ups + weighted lunges

5*5 step ups each leg with 2*24kg dumbells

5*12-14 lunges with barbell on shoulders @50kg

Alternate back raises and leg raises

3*10 leg raises

3*8 back raises with 30kg dumbell

Very Steady 5k row



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