Week Commencing 12062017

Slight delay getting the last few weeks up due to work and other commitments!

A couple of rest days this week, and some high volume days to mix things up!


Monday 12th

Rest Day


Tuesday 13th

3 rounds for time;

800m run

50 back raises

50 sit ups



5*1 minute plank / 1 minute rest


Wednesday 14th

Cycled about 12 miles



Dumbbell bicep curls

Triceps extensions

Shoulder accessories – front / side / rear delt raises


Thursday 15th

Heavy slam ball / atlas stone work



Bar over burpees

Overhead squats @43kg

Push press @43kg




5*5@110kg – double overhand, focus on speed of hip extension


Friday 16th

Power snatch – 5*3@55kg  1@60, 2@65 – started to just jump wider so stopped at this weight rather than learning more bad technique.

5*1 snatch @50 – focus on speed and technique

4*5 strict c2b pull ups

4*5 strict chin ups


20 minutes lateral trainer – steady paste

10 minutes handstand practice


Saturday 17th

Pause Front Squat 10*2@90


Some lunges and cardio – the curse of being too slow to write this up!


Sunday 19th

Rest day


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