Week Commencing 03072017

Some fun new movement variations this week; single leg good mornings, single leg back raises, step ups with 1 kb overhead and one by your side.

Functional bodybuilding – working on unilateral strength and balance.  The aim is to promote longevity, balance and minimise the risk of injure while still progressing!

Monday 3rd

Travel back from holiday

20 mins Airdyne;

10 mins steady ~78-80 rpm

10 mins – 30 seconds max effort / 30 seconds rest (so 10 rounds)

~630 cals total

Tuesday 4th

55 press ups

55 cal row

55 front squats @60 (bar on floor, not racked)

55 burpees



Tempo alternate dumbbell shoulder press, at least three seconds up and three down

Warm up 6@15kg dumbbells





Lower reps due to fatigue..

Wednesday 5th

5*5 single leg good mornings (barbell on shoulders)




1st time for this variation!


5*3 deadlift



3*10 front / side / rear delt raises

Thursday 6th

Rest / active recovery day

Hang power snatch technique work


Power snatch as quads were toast

A few sit ups.

Friday 7th

8*5 bench press @75

Alternate sets closer and wider grip

4*8 strict pull ups – focus on movement and maintaining hollow position

2*800m run

Saturday 8th

5*16 weighted lunges – 8 step forward, 8 step backwards – 50-55-60-65-70kg

5*12 step ups with OH KB and suitcase KB – switch arms after 6 steps 2*16kg KBs

  • First time for this exercise!



4*8 weighted single leg back raises – holding 12kg dumbbell

4*10 strict, straight leg toes 2 bar



3*10 dumbbell curls @18kg

3×10 OH triceps extensions @14kg

Sunday 9th


Dumbbell hang power cleans

Weighted box step overs 24″ box

@ 2*18kg dumbbells



In pair 200 burpees – jump in and out of tyre each burpee – you go, I go – 10 reps each


Some core work – sit ups and weighted sit ups


Later in day;

KB single arm shoulder press @24kg KB

5* 5 strict press, 5 push press each arm


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