Week Commencing 29052017

Took a couple of rest days this week but still managed to incorporate a decent amount of volume.  Working on always incorporating ‘functional bodybuilding’ and accessory work into every weeks programming.  My aim is to work on being fit and relatively strong to help prevent injuries, rather than just focusing on ‘pure’ CrossFit.

Monday 29th

Rest day – family fun!

Tuesday 30th

In weighted vest – Run 1 mile.  Rest 6 minutes. run 1 mile




5*3 pause squat @100


5*6 barbell row – palms facing forward, relatively wide grip, horizontal back.

All at 70kg

Aim here was rowing movement with externally rotated shoulders as we do so much work with the shoulders internally rotated.


Light (30kg) snatch and high hang snatch tekkers – focus on speed.


Wednesday 31st

Alternate arm Arnold press.

1*6@20kg dumbbells

4*6@22kg  dumbells


Bench press 5*4@80


Barbell bucep curls





‘death by sled’

Sled push 2 lengths.  Go every 2 mins.  Increase weight each set

20-40-60-80-100-120-140-160-180kg on the sled


Who puts a sled upstairs?? Nearly fell down them after this!


Thursday 1st

Overhead Squat








20 mins Handstand practice


3 Rounds For Time

25 Russian Swings @32

25 weighted sit ups @15

25 back raises

25 knees to elbows



Friday 2nd

~12 miles chilled cycling


Saturday 3rd

Weighted step ups – barbell on shoulders.

5*10 @ 55kg


Dumbbell deadlifts – relatively narrow stance, good to work on mobility as you get a lot lower than when using a barbell with Olympic weights on.

5*8 @ 2 40kg dumbbells


Dumbell flys

Flat bench – 3*8@16kg dumbells

Incline bench – 3*8@16kg dumbells


Weighted lateral jumps

15 mins of 5 jumps over triangles (about 10 inches high) one way, then 5 the other way.  Holding 9kg med ball.

Some sets holing at body, some out in front, some overhead.

Fun, slightly gassy and good to practice some dynamic lateral movements 🙂


Sunday 4th

Rest Day



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