Week Commencing 08052017

Another nicely varied week!  Hit 15 snatches @65, most volume I have done at that weight, and had an epic strongman session on Friday with ‘atlas stone’ (heavy slam ball) work, farmers carries and yoke walks.

Picking up and moving with heavy stuff is so good for you – try it out, pretty much everything will benefit!

Monday 8th

Rest day


Tuesday 9th

1. 12-9-6-3

Lateral bar over burpees

110kg deadlifts

45kg hang cleans


2. 3 rounds;

20 dumbbell snatches @25kg

20 GHD sit ups

3. 4*10

GHD Reverse hyper

GHD back raises with 10kg plate

4. 8*3 strict C2B pull ups


Wednesday 10th

Strength / conditioning;

5*6 bench press



Barbell row 5*4-4-4 (4 pendlay rows, 4 ‘normal rows, palms facing backwards, 4 rows palms facing forwards – all 3 movements as one set)




5*10 weighted jumping lunges (barbell on shoulders)




5*5 front squat@80


12 minutes steady on cross trainer thing

Was planning on Annie as that is programmed at the box, but after the GHD yesterday my abs said no!


Thursday 11th

Warm up

Snatch practice







Accumulate >200m overhead walk with 2*24kg kettlebells


2*800m run – casual pace


Friday 12th

Strongman (person 😉 ) fun!


Heavy slam ball atlas stones.  Use 2 box jump boxes as the plinth

Slam ball 8-10 feet from boxes – pick up and put on boxes..

5*40 kg – 48″

5*50kg – 48″

5*60kg – 48″

10*60kg – 54″


Farmers walk 8*2 lengths of the gym ~80 feet with 2*45kg dumbbells


Yoke walk

2*2 lengths of the gym @100kg

2*2 lengths of the gym @120kg

3*2 lengths of the gym @140kg

1*3 lengths of the gym @150kg  (double bodyweight)


Saturday 13th

Complex of – Squat clean + hang squat clean

Lift every 30 seconds for 15 minutes @60kg


5 rounds for time

10 wall balls @25lb

10 pull ups

10 dips

10 American swings @28kg

10 box jumps @24″



Sunday 14th


Dumbbell bench press@34kg

Dumbbell row @34kg


5*7 alternate dumbbell shoulder press @22kg – tempo


Weighted step ups 5*5 each leg @34kg dumbell in front rack.  5*5 up and down one leg before moving to the other leg.  Focus on balance and tight core.


7@ 60 yard sled push – 50kg on sled.  Speed speed speed….


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