Week Commencing 01052017

Hey Guys and Gals!

Another fun week with plenty of variety.  We had some overhead squats mid week which is something I have not hit for a while, so will remember to include them more often!

Snuck in a bit of swimming as well – something I’m definitely not great at! – as they say work on your weaknesses 🙂

Had a reminder on Saturday that you sometimes have to listen to your body, was quite a long week in and out of the gym and I had to really back off on the squat weight / volume I had planned to hit.  Yes follow your programme, but also always listen to your body!


Monday 1st

5 *7 single arm dumbell press

  • While holding a 24kg kettlebell in front rack with other are.

1@20kg dumbell

4@22kf dumbell


4*7 thumbs down reverse flies @12kg dumbells

4*10 Deadlift @110

20 mins steady watt bike


Tuesday 2nd

10 min AMRAP

8 thrusters @20kg

8 box jumps @24″

14 rounds + 3 box jumps


Max effort unbroken TTB – 33


7 minutes burpees..



Strong man – heavy slam ball lifts;

10 reps 60kg slam ball over alternate shoulders

20 reps 60kg slam ball lift to shoulder height and drop


Wednesday 3rd

5*5 Overhead Squat





Shoulder to overhead @60

Chest to bar pull ups


All shoulder to overhead unbroken

Still need to work on chest to bar!


Some handstand walk practice


Thursday 4th

Rest day


Friday 5th

Airdyne intervals;

3*5 minutes @83-85rpm

3*2 minutes @90-92rpm

2 minutes rest between each interval


Saturday 6th

This has been a pretty long week – Today was an example of having to listen to my body!  Plan was back squat 5*2@117.5kg

Actual did not work out.  But rather than push through with bad form I backed off and got on with the rest of the workout.

Back squat







Front rack lunges @55kg

4*8 stepping forwards

4*8 stepping backwards


100 80kg tyre flips for time

3 burpee EMOM



Swim – 20 lengths


Sunday 7th

Dumbbell bench press

Single arm dumbbell row

4*10 of each@34kg dumbbells


4*10 Single arm Arnold press @ 18kg dumbbell while holding 24kg kettlebell in front rack @18


3 rounds;

20 lateral box jump overs @18″ box

30 yards walking lunge

20 * 15kg slam balls


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