Week Commencing 24042017

Happy Monday everyone!  Been a great gym and family bank holiday here in the UK 🙂

Another pretty varied week, did something pretty much everyday, but with a couple of super low volume days to recover.  Legs were pretty tired after last Saturdays squats, leading to a zero leg bench and row day on Wednesday.

Hope you all have an excellent week, remember any questions just ask!

Monday 24th

20 mins airdyne – steady pace – 633 cals

5*5 tempo single arm KB press @16kg

3 seconds up, 3 seconds down

Focus on really pressing the shoulder out at the top


Tuesday 25th

Snatch up to 70kg

15 sntaches @60kg


Max effort strict pull ups – 21


3mins for 10 Rounds (2 x each station)

  1. A) Run 600m
  2. B) Row 500m
  3. C) 50 KB Swings 32kg – unbroken both rounds
  4. D) Ski 500m
  5. E) Assault Bike for 30 Cals


Wednesday 26th

Very easy, low volume day.  Zero legs as still ache from the weekend!

Bench press


Barbell row



Thursday 27th

Back Squat


Single leg RDL

5*8 each leg@20kg dumbell

Focus on range on motion


8 minute AMRAP

10 med ball cleans


20 jumping lunges

20 press ups

Just over 5 rounds


Friday 28th

All accessory Friday with a fast and furious sweaty finisher 🙂

Back raises

5*8@24kg dumbbell

Weighted Leg raises

4*10@4kg  dumbbell between feet

Cable twists – 6*10 each side

2 – high to low

2 – horizontal

2 – low to high

Leg extensions and Leg curls

Both – 4*8

Shoulder accessories

Front / side / rear delt raises

3*7 for each


3 rounds for time;

20 dumbbell snatches @24kg

40 mountain climbers



Saturday 29th

300 DU warm up

Mobility – ankle , hip and lats

Clean + jerk tekkers

20 C+J @ 70kg – focus on speed round the bar

Front Squat


5 second pause front squat


Accumulate 25 reps strict chest to bar pull ups


Sunday 30th

Active recovery day.  Gym session spent coaching Hills 🙂

10 minute steady row


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