Week Commencing 17042017

Really enjoyed this week, mix of some high volume days, but also 2 rest days and one light day.  Managed a 2.5kg pb for 20 reps of back squat which was great but hurt a lot..

Also some great fun dynamic work – weighted jumping lunges and squats – great fun, give them a try.  Really focus on form if you do and start light – safety is always key, especially when doing dynamic movements with weight added!

Monday 17th

Rest Day

Tuesday 18th

4 mins

30 power​ snatch @42.5kg

30 overhead squats

Max bar facing burpees – got to 15 OHS

4 mins rest

4 mins

20 power​ snatch @52kg

20 overhead squats

Max bar facing burpees – got to 15 OHS

4 mins rest

4 min amrap

10 power​ snatch @60kg

10 overhead squats

Max bar facing burpees – 22 burpees

20 full snatches @60kg

Not for time. Focus on footwork and speed under the bar.

20 minute emom

1. 10 hspu

2. 15 cal row

Managed 9 rounds of hspu unbroken, broke on the 9th rep of the last round.. will get them all unbroken next time!

Wednesday 19th

20 minute EMOM

1 clean and jerk @80kg

5*10 weighted jumping lunges




5*5 Jumping squats @40kg

3*5 strict c2b pull ups

3*5 strict c2b chin ups

Thursday 20th

Power clean and front squat complex work up to 80kg

3*3 clean pulls@85kg

3*2 clean pulls@100kg

For time:

30 Deadlifts 100kg


30 Thrusters 42.5kg

30 Pull-ups

30 Power Cleans 60kg

30 Ring Dips

60 Wall Balls 20lb

15 Power Snatches 50kg

26 mins including changing weights on the bar.

1 mile casual run to cool down.

Lots of mobility!

Friday 21st

Rest day – Active recovery – long walk, DIY etc.

Saturday 22nd

Back Squat

Warm up


20@110kg – new PB for 20 rep set! (previous was 107.5)

5*2 super deep 10 second pause squat @60 – focus on form and strength at the bottom of the squat.


4*6 bicep curls @20

4*8 triceps extensions @16

WOD; partner wod – one work, one rest

  1. 15 yard sled push, 10 box jumps
  2. 15 yard sled push, 10 burpees
  3. 15 yard sled push, 10 American swings

Partner one does 1, partner 2 does 1, partner 1 does 2…

Work through 1-3 4 times.

Sunday 23rd

5*6 dumbbell bench press @2*36kg

5*6 dumbbell row @36kg

Shoulder accessory work.

10 mins steady watt bike

Fairly chilled one after the Saturday workout, some upper body followed by gentle recovery cycle for legs.


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