Week Commencing 03042017

Lower volume / intensity this week.  Aim to move most days, but less intense than the last few weeks to de-load slightly.  Felt really good by the end of the week, even managed an afternoon nap on Saturday – tanks to my awesome wife for being out with the monkey for a bit.

Take days off, and even the odd light week or week off – it will do you good.  Rest and recovery are as important as the actual training, and for a lot of us actually much more challenging!

Monday 3rd

Rest day

Tuesday 4th

5km run in weighted vest


4*4 weighted pull ups – 16kg kettlebell

5 minute EMOM

10 Toes to Bar


2* max effort strict pull ups

  • 19
  • 16


Wednesday 5th

Snatch practice

3 position pause – mid shin, hang (above knee), high hang





Snatch (no pause)


Taking time between lifts, focus on feet not going too wide and improving speed under the bar!


Thursday 6th

3*10 deadlift @105kg


Partner WOD;

3 rounds for time

30 hang power cleans @60kg

20 bar over burpees

10 bar Muscle ups or jumping muscle ups


Friday 7th

20 mins steady airdyne


Saturday 8th


10 yard sled pull

10 yard sled push


Pull + push = 1,

Work:rest – 1:1

While resting for core work like hollow holds


Sunday 9th

Accessory work



single leg leg RDLs


2* mini partner WODs

10 min AMRAP

6 lateral jumps, 1 burpee, 6 lateral jumps, 1 burpee – alternate


50 reps each with 5kg slam ball;

Squat – throw ball to partner


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